We thank our aM Society members for their vision and leadership.

aM Society: Estate Gifts

The aM Society is a formalized legacy program of the Albuquerque Museum Foundation. It honors those who have chosen to commit to the future of the Albuquerque Museum by including the Albuquerque Museum Foundation in their estate plans. Giving from generation to generation is one of the most meaningful and significant ways people can leave a lasting legacy.

It is important to specifically list the Albuquerque Museum Foundation in your will so that your gift may be properly managed and acknowledged, and your wishes honored.

If you are interested in joining the aM Society or want information about estate giving, please email Andrew Rodgers or call 505.677.8500.

“We have designated a portion of our retirement accounts as a planned gift to the Albuquerque Museum Foundation,” say Joni Pierce and Brian DeBruine.

“Changing the beneficiary designation on our IRA was an easy thing to do; and, when we are both gone, our resources can be used to benefit the Albuquerque Museum. We love visiting the museum to see innovative traveling exhibits and exhibits from the permanent collection. We hope that our future gift will allow the museum to continue to strengthen its collection and its educational outreach for many years to come.”

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