We thank our aM Society members for their vision and leadership.

aM Society: Estate Gifts

A philanthropically-minded legacy

Giving from generation to generation is one of the most meaningful ways you can leave a lasting legacy.

The aM Society is a formalized planned giving program of the Albuquerque Museum Foundation. It honors those who have chosen to commit to the future of the Albuquerque Museum by including the Albuquerque Museum Foundation in their estate plans.

It is important to specifically list the Albuquerque Museum Foundation in your will so that your gift may be properly managed and acknowledged, and your wishes honored.

Learn more about the aM Society and the benefits you'll enjoy by declaring your intention to leave a gift. We welcome the opportunity to visit with you and learn about your areas of interest in the Albuquerque Museum. Email Denise Crouse or call 505-677-8500.

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