Thursday, March 14, 2024
Event Tickets: $135

Diana Stetson

Award-winning artist Diana Stetson resides in New Mexico but is a citizen of the world. She has studied, worked and has ties to various parts of the world – Greece, France, London, Japan, and Turkmenistan, as well as both Coasts of the US.

Lilly Fenichel

Lilly Fenichel was an American painter who explored abstraction through a wide range of media and approaches, with her various periods linked together by a common emphasis on color harmonies and expressive, often calligraphic gesture.

Catalina Delgado Trunk

Growing up in Mexico, Catalina Delgado-Trunk is inspired by the “culture of synthesis” that is Mesoamerica, with its mix of indigenous, European, Asian, and African influences. Her papel picado celebrates the rich traditions by condensing the complex stories of legend into readable images, bridging the divides that separate cultures.

Jim McLain

Jim McLain began woodturning in 1992. Prior to that class he was primarily a furniture maker. Born and raised in the Southwest, his work is inspired by his surroundings including ancient ruins, American Indian pottery, rock art, and nature itself.

Collectors' Premiere One Night Only Artists

Four works from four master artists will be available for purchase one night only, during the ArtsThrive Collectors' Premiere.

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