Magic Bus

You keep the wheels on the bus rolling.

Please Contribute

For more information about the Magic Bus Program, call Jenna Kloeppel, Development Associate, at 505-338-8734.


Thank You

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Please support the Magic Bus with a financial contribution of any amount. The Magic Bus program, funded through the Albuquerque Museum Foundation, makes connections and provides crucial educational resources to some of our youngest and most vulnerable populations.


Since 1994, more than 180,000 Albuquerque-area children have been inspired by and connected to the world around them through the critical thinking and rich discussions prompted by engagement with the art and history objects on display at Albuquerque Museum. Last year, school tours brought more than 10,000 students and teachers to the Museum and Casa San Ysidro—that’s a big impact on our youth and our future. Our relationships with schools, teachers, kids, and families help us build a healthy and vibrant community.


Our goal is to ensure the art and history that has enriched the lives of so many of our Albuquerque-area students remain accessible and presented in an engaging manner. The art and history of our community and the collections of the Albuquerque Museum remain a source of inspiration and excitement to students. And although the big yellow buses won’t be bringing large groups to the Museum this year, the metaphorical wheels will keep on turning.

Distance Learning

Albuquerque Museum education department is creating virtual experiences for students to continue to participate for as long as in-person field trips are restricted.


Access to Art Activities

Albuquerque Museum will ensure that one of the most treasured elements of a Magic Bus field trip—individual art creation—will continue. Art supplies will be provided to teachers alongside short videos demonstrating how to complete the projects.


Teaching Resources

Albuquerque Museum will continue to provide teaching resources that connect the Museum’s exhibitions to what students are learning in the classroom.
The Magic Bus program will continue to provide art programming to at-risk populations such as Title I homeless students and incarcerated youth through our evolving spectrum of digital learning.


We have the power to enact good in our communities, and we thank you sincerely for giving to this most beloved program for an unconventional—but still magical—year ahead.