505 by Dan Shaffer

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13″ x 15″

More about Dan Shaffer


I shoot photos because there’s an inherent joy in seeing and sharing something that excites the eye, taunts the mind or makes one laugh. I like to share the good things in life. What appeals to my eye the most are bold compositions, especially those based on shadows, lines and patterns. When I see something special, I instantly react with an internal “Yes!” and reach for my camera. Since I usually have my camera within arm’s reach everywhere I go, I’m always ready to shoot. I don’t leave home without a camera. Trusting my visual instinct, I like to shoot quickly and analyze later. Later may be in the following minutes as I pursue follow up shots for what else I can find in the scene by zooming in or zooming out, or walking around for different angles. Or later may be on the computer, adjusting the size, color or proportions of the shot. www.danshafferphoto.com www.albuquerikyphotos.com


505 by Dan Shaffer