A Misty Veil of Color by Katherine Irish

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A Misty Veil of Color


16″ x 20″ framed; 12″ x 16″ image

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As a Skywatcher and a landscape artist, I join the league of painters who point to nature as the embodiment of truth. Glimpses of life’s profundity can be experienced each day. The swelling of a flower bud, the rising crescendo as a sunset reaches its most intense hues, a mist that softens, a fierce eagle perched above a body of water provide experiences that enrich and inform our lives. What fills your soul with joy and peace? Perfume from a flowering wisteria, a cool breeze caressing your cheek, a cloud as fine as angel hair – colored with shades of mauve, salmon, a strike of blue.

I have made a conscious decision to contribute beauty to the world through my art. I find camaraderie with landscape artists who work quietly in spite of a backdrop of angst in the world. My roots are found in the mindfulness of nature’s sensory experiences.

Nature is a presence much larger and more powerful than we are. Light teaches us about impermanence. At night, stars and planets remind us that there are many mysteries and that we are so small in relation to the universe. Skies teach us of our ever-changing experience in life, a moment never to be repeated, never the same. No need to hold on. To try to do so is fruitless. It is much better to experience, to be mindful and appreciate what is happening now and then let go.

I paint with dry pastels. Pastels contain a higher pigment concentration than any other medium. This enables pure, rich and luminous color not found in other medias. My painting surfaces are archival sanded pastel paper mounted on museum board. A painting is complete when there is nothing left to do and it stands on its own.

A Misty Veil of Color by Katherine Irish