An Understated Beauty by Carol C. Sanchez

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An Understated Beauty


15.75″ x 19.25″

More about Carol C. Sanchez

I abstract organic forms and re-articulate them into my own visual language, into “Organic Abstractions”. Nature is my source of inspiration, but as a printmaker process is very important. I try to create a balance between technique and concept. My work evolves intuitively, images develop from a first mark without any preconceived ideas or images. As a printmaker working primarily in the process of mezzotint, this can be a difficult way to begin. For me it keeps things fresh and challenging. The process of mezzotint has a very rich and seductive quality, which lends to my imagery. I strive to create images that have an essence of beauty. I accentuate the sensual and spiritual characteristics and draw out the beauty from the ordinary.


An Understated Beauty by Carol C. Sanchez