Ancestral Vortex by Saige Lafountain

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Ancestral Vortex

Colorado alabaster with koa wood base

17″ x 12.5″ x 8″

More about Saige Lafountain

A second-generation stone sculpture, family has been instrumental in the development of his creativity. Being of American Indian decent in Western Society has given Saige a unique perspective. Allowing him to incorporate these experiences in a contemporary manner. Creating with multiple mediums throughout his life, has enabled him to fuse concepts from these disciplines. Stone Sculpting has always been his primary focus.

“My sculptures are a representation of all the beauty and hardships I’ve experienced. With each piece I strive to evolve with my artistry. With complex concepts created with traditional and contemporary carving techniques. I revere the distinctive characteristics of stone; the reductive process offers no remorse when pushing artistic boundaries. My designs are inspired by the symbiotic relationship of people and nature. I enjoy the organic lines within my work blended with geometric. Abstract forms entwined with the figurative, creating fluid movement. My hope is to inspire, as I was, to ignite a passion of expression and possibly another creative.”


Ancestral Vortex by Saige Lafountain