Albuquerque Museum Foundation's largest Fundraising event


June 10 – August 18, 2024: Open call for artists to apply via CaFÉ ( our online submission platform.

For more information about the Call for Entry, email

2025 ArtsThrive Important Dates
Specific dates TBD/subject to change.

Through August 18, 2024: Call for entry.

September – November 2024: Jurying.

November 2024: Artists notified.

December 2024 – February 2025: Artist agreements, artwork information, images due.

Mid-February: Delivery of artwork to the Museum

February 27, 2025: ArtsThrive Collectors’ Premiere

March 1, 2025: Saturday Gala

March 2 – March 9, 2025: On view to the public at Albuquerque Museum

March 9, 2025: Last Call Members' Reception

March 2 – March 30, 2025: On view to the public and for sale ONLINE


Opens to the public March 2, 2025.

Albuquerque Museum Foundation's biggest fundraising event of the year is geared toward art enthusiasts of all kinds — from first-time buyers to long-time collectors. ArtsThrive showcases approx. 135 artists and more than 350 works of art for sale.

In 2025, ArtsThrive will be presented as a nine-day long art show and sale, with opening and closing weekend events designed to promote sales, and a robust online sales platform. The physical show will be held at one of the galleries in the Albuquerque Museum. All artwork submitted will be presented in a way that encourages sales. Artists take home sixty percent of their sales.

ArtsThrive supports the Albuquerque Museum Foundation's mission as an independent, nonprofit corporation to raise funds for the Albuquerque Museum.

Artwork Sale

Supporting our creative community.

All artists selected into ArtsThrive will have their artwork displayed in the Albuquerque Museum. All artwork in this show will be for sale to the public for the duration of this event, with 60% of art sales going back to the artist. For more information about the show or the call for artists, call Erik Parker at 505-677-8492.

2024 ArtsThrive Artists

Juried Artists

Jane Abrams, David Antreasian, Aidan Avery*, Elena Baca, Carmen M. Badeau, Jennifer Bain, Françoise Barnes, John C. Barney*, Brianna Barron*, Edna Beauchemin, Angela Berkson, Pat Berrett*, Carolyn S. Berry*, Patty Bilbro, Kevin Black, Rebekah Bonn*, Kathryn Bowman, Teresa Brooks, Jean-Marc Brugeilles, Sharon Brush, Charlie Burk, Michele Byrne, Carol Carpenter, Debbie Carroll*, Emma Rose Casady, Chris Casey, Nancy Cervenka, Sean Michael Chavez, Ellen Chávez de Leitner , Sterling Van Deren Coke, Barbara Coleman, Vicky Conley, J. Alan Constant, Dave Cook, Helen Cozza*, Jennifer DeSantis – LadyJennD*, John DeSpain*, C. Scott DeWeese, Mark A. Dierker, Connie Dillon, Cindy Dominguez, Sarah Drummond, William E. Duboqc*, Frances Ehrenberg-Hyman, Maaike Fettah*, Phyllis Floyd, Rheana Gardner*, Richard Garriott-Stejskal, Doug Gillis, Kirk Gittings, Cheryl Godin, Alison Green, Marianne Hall, Julianne Harvey, Shelley Heffler*, Sandy Hill, Odilia Iaccarino*, Peggy Immel, Steve Immel, Katherine Irish, Betsy James, Dani Jeffries, Aaron Karp, Vasili Katakis, Nancy Kozikowski, Ted Laredo, Thomas Leiblein, Jen Lesea, Pat Lord*, Carol Lujan*, Lucy Maki, John Manno*, Lois Manno*, Candis McKinzie*, Jim McLain, Sheila Metcalf Tobin*, Christopher Miller*, Elizabeth Morisette, Tim Novara, Joe A. Oakes, Margy O’Brien, Andrew Orr, Nicolas Otero, Taylor Painter-Wolfe*, Scott Palsce*, Grace Parliman, Susan Pasquarelli*, Maria Patterson*, Diane Pepe*, Andrea Pichaida, Gary Pikarsky*, Kristine Poole, Richard Prather, Tim Prythero, Aaron Richardson, Elizabeth Rickert, Jannelle Riley, Holly Lynn Roberts, Rémy Rotenier, Vanessa Rusczyk, Maria Samora, Carol C. Sánchez, Desiree Sanchez*, Jeff Schofield*, Larry Schulte, Dan Shaffer, Egor Shokoladov, Doran Q. Smith Jr.*, Sara Smith, Paige Smith-Wyatt*, Vera Sprunt, Christa Stephens, Mary Ann Strandell, Mary Sweet, Kevin Tolman, Maria Trunk, Harriette Tsosie, Ross Van Dusen, Hilda Appel Volkin, Susan Weeks, David Welch, Juan Wijngaard, Janine Wilson*, Robert Wilson, Katharine Wood, Mark Woody*, Max Woltman, Chelsea Wrightson*, Rachel Young*, Molly Zimmer

* Indicates new artist to ArtsThrive

Large Format Artists
One Night Only Artists
Quick Draw Artists

Thank You to our 2024 Sponsors

AT24 Sponsors for GIF2

ArtsThrive is held annually and is organized by the Albuquerque Museum Foundation, a not-for-profit organization helping to fund vital educational and exhibition programs at the Albuquerque Museum. ArtsThrive sponsors receive valuable benefits and community exposure. For more information about sponsoring ArtsThrive, call Denise Crouse at 505-677-8489. VIEW THE SPONSORSHIP PACKET

The History of ArtsThrive

Formerly Known as Miniatures & More

In 1990, Albuquerque Museum Foundation launched The Miniatures Show, the most successful fundraising event in the history of the Foundation and Albuquerque Museum. Led by the commitment, vision, and devotion of artist and patron Betty Sabo (1928-2016), Miniatures & More enabled collectors to have access to exceptional artists; provided essential funding to the Museum; and support the prolific artist community in Albuquerque and beyond.

In 2017, the event was re-branded as ArtsThrive. The new name and identity spoke to those who are passionate about art, appealed to a broader audience, and communicated the longevity and success of this fundraiser. Today, ArtsThrive continues to be an important part of Albuquerque’s cultural community, supporting Albuquerque Museum and the artists who participate.

ArtsThrive Events

Thank you for joining us at our events. For information about next year's events, call Elaine Richardson at 505-677-8491.

AT23 Collectors Premier

Collectors' Premiere

February 27, 2025

AT23 Saturday Gala


March 1, 2025

AT23 Last Call

Last Call

March 9, 2025


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